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Costs & Times

Shipping on orders over $10 is FREE within the United States of America.  We ship USPS First Class daily 6 days a week (the post office is closed Sundays).  Depending on how far you are from Virginia Beach, Virginia your item may arrive in 1-3 days, or within 5-7 days if you are on the West Coast.  If you have not received your item during this time frame, please check your orders tracking information to see if the post office has tried to deliver the shipment, or contact us if it appears there is a problem.



Most items are shipped out in plain white poly bubble padded mailer envelopes made of tear and weather resistant recyclable materials.  When being shipped via Priority mail (most items weighing over 16 ounces), USPS Priority Mail shipping boxes are usually used. 



High volume sellers can produce a lot of waste fast, so we adopted a recycling policy to purchase shipping materials that have been recycled or are recyclable and to reuse materials we receive.  Packing materials sent to us by our suppliers for large shipments are reused when possible for our larger orders packaging instead of being wasted.  When packaging fragile items we sometimes include paper shreds to secure the item in the center of the box as a shock absorption and a use for papers that would otherwise be thrown away.  We use direct thermal printer labels on all packages to prevent ink waste.  We use recycled paper for our product labels.


Collector's Shipping Service

Items are in perfect condition unless otherwise noted in the description. Unless we can offer you an amazing deal we try not to sell anything with defects of any kind.  Since most of our items are shipped in recyclable bubble mailers to keep our impact low if you are a avid collector and want to ensure your item arrives with mint condition packaging let us know so we can take extra precautions to prevent shipping damage to even the smallest of the items.  Larger items are usually shipped in special sized boxes and should always arrive in collectible condition.  Smaller items tend to take a bigger beating in shipping than the larger boxes so its important for us to know if you're purchasing this for a collection.  When we pull your item we will pick the best from our stock and package it with extra materials special for you free of charge.  Its our way of saying thanks for letting us take part in your collection.


International Shipping

We do not offer international shipping through this store, but there's good news!  You can still get the same items on our eBay store shipped internationally.  We participate in eBay's Global Shipping Program.