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Sampler Themes

We offer a variety of incense sampler sets inspired by popular television shows and movies.  Our offer menu is listed below.

Money & Business

Better Call Saul – Protection, Call Money, Call Client
Brewster’s Millions – Don Of Money, Lucky Coins, Fortune, Money Magnet, Money House, Money Rain
Catch Me If You Can – Prosperity, Money Drawing, Dollar
Frasier – Success, Coffee, Business
House Of Lies – African Musk, Call Client, Business
Leprechaun – Gold Silver, Good Fortune, Good Luck
Wheel Of Fortune – Good Fortune, White Sage, Fast Luck


Bob Marley – Jamaican Fruit, Passion Fruit, Cannabis
Breaking Bad – Cannabis, Opium, Attract’s Money
Shameless – Cannabis, Frankincense, Absinto
Trailer Park Boys – Cannabis, Money Drawing, Breaks All
Weeds – Cannabis Sticks, Cannabis Cones, Puff The Magic Dragon
Wilfred – Cannabis, Anti-Stress, Spiritual Guide


Dirty Dancing – Evening For Two, Aphrodisia, Erotic
Dracula – Red Rose, Come To Me, Intimate
Forest Gump – Red Rose, Chocolate, Love
Sex In The City – Goddess, Patchouli, Love & Sex
The Notebook – Love, Desire, Passion


3rd Rock From The Sun – The Sun, The Moon, The Planet
Firefly & Serenity – Serenity, Earth, The Star
Star Trek – The Star, Passion, The Moon
Star Wars – The Galaxy, The Planet, The Star


Alton Brown – Cinnamon, Blueberry, Orange Clove
Bobby Flay – Cardamom, Rosemary, Juniper
Emeril Lagasse – Lavender Fennel, Almond, Chamomile
Gordon Ramsey – Coconut Mango, Raspberry, Lemon
Guy Fieri – Lime Lemon, Saffron, Mango Papaya
Julia Child – Green Tea, Lemongrass, Sage
Martha Stewart – Apricot, Watermelon, Cherry Almond
Robert Irvine – Nutmeg, Vanilla Cinnamon, Tangerine Honey
The Pioneer Woman – Cinnamon Apple, Vanilla Orange, Butter Toffee


American Pie – Peach, Green Apple, Cherry
Cupcake Wars – Coconut, Cinnamon, Orange
Napoleon Dynamite – Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla
Orange Is The New Black – Tangerine, Vanilla-Orange, Orange Blossom
Pirates Of The Caribbean – Fruit Punch, Coconut, Wild Cherry
Strawberry Shortcake – Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry
The Simpsons – Chocolate, Butterscotch, Butter Toffee
Willy Wonka – Chocolate, Blueberry, Chocolate Orange


Golden Girls – Red Rose, White Rose, Yellow Rose
How I Met Your Mother – Precious Lily, Lily Of The Valley, Ginger Lily
I Love Lucy – Rose, Rose Vanilla, Rose Apple
Parenthood – Jasmine Blossom, Pineapple Jasmine, Cherry Jasmine
The Secret Garden – Lilac, Lotus, Violet
The Victory Garden – Garden Of Flowers, Precious Flower, Gardenia
Winnie The Pooh: Springtime With Roo – Jasmine Honey, Amber Honey, Honey-Rose


Desperate Housewives – Soothing Spa, Anti-Stress, Lavender
Lost – Sea Breeze, First Rain , New Wave
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – Dreamcatcher, Tranquility, Stress Relief


Grey’s Anatomy – Success, Desire, Divine Healing
House MD – Camphor, Good Health, Divine Healing
Nurse Jackie – White Musk, White Flower, White Rose
Offspring – Baby Powder, Good Health, Divine Blessings

Magic & Evil

Bewitched – Bewitching, The Moon, Pagan Magic
Deliver Us From Evil – Pure House, Go Away Evil, Protection
Dragons – Dragon’s Blood Blue, Fire, Dragon’s Blood
Ghostbusters – Green Apple, Pure House, Protection
Harry Potter – Dragon’s Blood, Fairy Dreams, Black Magic
Practical Magic – Magic Broom, White Magic, Black Magic
The Exorcist – White Sage, Benzoin, Sandalwood
The Path – Meditation, Pure House, Horus Eye
The Walking Dead– Pine, Cedar, Forest

Holiday & Religion

A Christmas Carol – Balsam, Cranberry, Potpourri
Dogma – Divine Blessings, Divine Harmony, Seven Archangels
Miracle On 34th Street – Frankincense, Myrrh, Clove
The Ten Commandments – Spiritual Life, Copal, Spiritual Guide


Andy Griffith – Mulberry, Dewberry, Innocent
Aladdin – Spirit Of India, OM, Champa
Bob Ross: The Joy Of Painting – House In Clouds, Divine Beauty, Forest
Blue Bloods – Blue Velvet, White Musk, Black Opium
Breakout Kings– Unlock, Breaks All, Sandal King
Devious Maids – Cleaning Power, Money House, Floral Bouquet
Hart Of Dixie – Lemon, Magnolia, Rose
House Of Cards – Frankincense, Divine Power, House In Clouds
Friends – Anti-Tobacco, Coffee, Against Jealousy
Meet The Patels – Nag Champa, OM, 3 Kings
Monkey Master – Ying Yang, Zodiac, Seven Chakras
Mr Bean – Coffee, Good Luck, Anti-Stress
Once Upon A Tim – Red Apple, 7 Powers, Gold Rain
Purple Rain – African Musk, Black Love, Divine Harmony
Revolution – Divine Power, Unlock, Success
Saved By The Bell – Studies & Exams, Energizing, Success
Seven Years In Tibet – Lord Buddha, Lucky Buddha, China Rain
Sons Of Anarchy – Protection, Fast Luck, Open Roads
Sopranos – Money House, Butterscotch (Carmelo), San Anthony
Tarzan – Rain Forest, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera
The Karate Kid – China Rain, Ginger, Precious Jasmine
The King Of Queens – Sandal Queen, Night Queen, Sandal King
The Mummy – Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Jasmine, Nile Lotus
The Royals – Royal Jasmine, Royal Lavender, Royal Vanilla
The Vanilla Ice Project – Patchouli Vanilla, Sandal Vanilla, Vanilla
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – House In Clouds, Kiwi Grapes, Grapefruit
Who’s The Boss – San Anthony, Cleaning Power, Pure House
Winnie The Pooh – Honey, Honeysuckle, Baby Powder