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Gemstone Meanings


Gemstone Meanings

AFRICAN TURQUOISE – African Turquoise awakens the soul to its purpose, encouraging you to make a positive impression.

AMETHYST – Amethyst is a stone of the spirit used for protection, selflessness, spiritual consciousness, balance, and inner peace.

AXINITE – Axinite transforms negative energy into positive energy, helps with conflict resolution, and is a truth seeking stone.

BLACK OBSIDIAN – Black Obsidian is excellent to assist you to release disharmony that has built up in your day to day life.

BLACK ONYX – Black Onyx is excellent for releasing negative emotions such as sorrow and grief, and helps relieve stress.

BLACK TOURMALINE – Black tourmaline is highly praised for its ability to absorb negative energy. In this way, it is often charged as a protective stone to be worn or placed around the home.

BLOODSTONE – Bloodstone is most often used to instill courage in dangerous situations and is also a powerful healing stone.

BLUE GOLDSTONE – Known to help with communication, the sparkles in Blue Goldstone are symbolic of light that can be found in darkness with its resemblance to stars in the night sky.

BLUE KYANITE – Blue Kyanite helps you to speak truth with clarity, making it a great stone for public speakers and performers.

BLUE ONYX – Blue Onyx is a strength giving stone, good for athletes or people under extreme mental and emotional stress.

CARNELIAN – Used for focusing on realizing ambitions, Carnelian stimulates the minds decision making and self-actualization.

CHRYSOCOLLA – Chrysocolla eases fear, loss, guilt, anger and sorrow, increases inner strength, and brings acceptance.

CLEAR QUARTZ – Clear quartz is a power stone and master healer. It increases inspiration, concentration, and creativity.

DESERT ROSE – Desert Rose is a variety of Selenite and has its own energies as well as those of Selenite. It is a stone of the mind said to bring mental ability, clarity, perception, and intuition.

FLUORITE – Fluorite is the stone of self discipline, concentration, efficiency, organization, enhanced awareness, and intuition. It helps stress, lowers back pain, and strengthens teeth and bones.

GREEN AVENTURINE – Aventurine promotes creativity, fear free thoughts and courage. This “Stone of Opportunity” brings wealth.

GREEN KYANITE – Green Kyanite can help when you are in unsure company, by helping you to look within the heart of that person to see their true motives. Some plant lovers place it in the soil of a plant to ask nature spirits to improve growth and stamina.

LABRADORITE – In legend, the Northern Lights were once trapped in the rocks along the coast of Labrador. A warrior found them and freed most of them with a blow of his spear. Some of the lights were trapped in the stone and now bring you good luck.

MOONSTONE – Moonstone softens ego and increases receptivity and awareness. Best known as the psychic’s gemstone.

MOSS AGATE – Moss agate helps to let go of anger or bitterness, so the emotions are balanced improving self-esteem.

NEPHRITE – Nephrite stimulates all the senses while increasing life force energy. It enhances lovemaking, and brings prosperity.

NUMITE – Numite is the stone of sorcery and magic and is a very protective stone to the wearer, reflecting and reversing ill wishes, hexes, curses and negativity directly back to its point of origin.

ORANGE SELENITE – Orange Selenite helps to center the self within the mind, body or spirit, and is pure and harmonious.

PINK MANGANO CALCITE – A stone of empathy and well-being, Pink Mangano Calcite allows you to attune to the energy of others and calms fears for anyone who has suffered trauma or assault.

PYRITE – Pyrite assists in seeing truth behind facades, fights fatigue, and increases your stamina to put concepts into action.

RED GOLDSTONE – Red Goldstone is known for vitality and energy. It is highly regarded as a protection mineral.

RHODONITE – Rhodonite helps alleviate stress and anxiety, cures insomnia, and keeps nightmares at bay. Its whimsical energy awakens sleeping natural talents with inspiration, ambition, and motivation to explore undiscovered creative abilities.

ROSE QUARTZ – Rose quartz is the “love stone” or “stone of unconditional love”. It soothes heartaches and brings peace. It relieves childhood trauma and guilt, and eases transitions.

SERPENTINE – Serpentine brings protection and gives balance to your emotional state, helping solve conflicts peacefully. It aids in detoxifying the body and blood and increases psychic abilities.

SHUNGITE – Shungite is known to assist with adaptation in new situations, and aids transition from one phase of life to the next.

SMOKY QUARTZ – Smoky Quartz is good for organizational skills. It clears up miscommunications and assists in overcoming grief and despair to allow healing, reconciliation, and joy.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN – Snowflake Obsidian reminds us that birth and death are one. It has always been associated with guardian spirits, and is connected to protection on all levels.

SODALITE – Sodalite brings about inner peace and harmonious communications, fosters knowledge, and eliminates confusion.

SUNSTONE – Sunstone seems to reflect the golden dazzle of the morning sun and is often used to symbolize Sun or Fire energy.

TEKTITE – Meditation with Tektite will increase telepathic ability, stimulate psychic sensitivity, and promote clear psychic travel.

WHITE SELENITE – White Selenite cleanses negativity of all kinds, assists judgment and insight, clears confusion, and aids in seeing the deeper picture. It soothes the nerves and brings a conscious understanding of what is at the subconscious level.