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Why Buy Through


Buyer Protection

eBay offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee to their customers if a seller does not deliver as promised, enforced by a claim center that steps in to give you assurance in every transaction.  Top Rated eBay sellers are required to ship daily, with tracking, and offer refunds on purchases.  Your satisfaction is ensured when purchasing from eBay, and as a Top Rated seller our store adheres to all of their standards.


Feedback & Buyer Reputation

eBay allows sellers and buyers to leave feedback for each other.  By buying through eBay you're building up a reputation as a good buyer so sellers will know that your purchase is legitimate and you are not a scammer, spammer, or some other bot plaguing the internet.  We leave our buyers positive feedback when their paid item ships.  Our feedback rating is 100% and we are Top Rated seller on eBay so buying from us on there is a good way to build up a feedback score.  Especially if you have items you would later like to sell, it creates a kind of internet resume for yourself as being trusted and experienced.


International Shipping

International customers please visit our eBay store for a quote to have your item professionally prepared for customs and shipped by Pitney Bowes through the eBay Global Shipping Program.  We send your item to their office closest to us, they inspect the item to complete customs paperwork and repackage it to send it to you.  It usually arrives at their fulfillment center within a few days of your purchase from us, but the processing and customs on their end can take longer.  The customs international shipping process can take up to 45 days we've seen at the longest if you are very far away from the East Coast of the United States, so order early if you are ordering for a birthday or holiday.  However, most international customers have their items in as little as two weeks.